14th May, 2018 - Oncology Strategy Meeting, West Coast

14th May, 2018 – Oncology Strategy Meeting, West Coast

EastHORN is pleased to announce its participation at this year’s Oncology Strategy Meeting West Coast, event held on 14th May 2018 | The Hyatt Regency Airport, San Francisco, USA.

Oncology Strategy Meetings are organized by Proventa International, in a unique format of business meet.

We are very enthusiastic about all the networking opportunities offered by the roundtable discussions and the pre-qualified one-to-one business meetings. During the Interactive Roundtable Discussions attendees will have a chance to share their experience and ask questions to their peers about the success of their work in an informal setting.

Clinical Outsourcing Roundtable

Facilitator: Iain Gordon – Chief Business Officer

Topic: Should CROs Guarantee Budgets and Timelines?

  • CROs should put their money where their mouth is.
  • Nobody takes responsibility for patient enrolment.
  • Can risk in clinical trials be monetised?
  • Avoid delays at the end; get it right at the very beginning.

Oncology Roundtable

Facilitator: Carmen Masanneck – Director Regulatory Affairs

Topic: Regulatory Requirements for Innovative Oncology Products in Europe (Current Real-World Experience)

  • Regulatory Pathways for Development of Biologicals and Immunotherapies
  • Quality Requirements
  • EMA Guidelines for Early and Late Phase Clinical Studies
  • Use and Development of Biomarkers
  • Latest on Brexit and New 2019 Clinical Trial Regulation


Iain Gordon, Chief Business Officer, EastHORN Clinical Services

Initially with big pharma before transitioning into contract research at the turn of the millennium, Iain Gordon has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Since the first tentative steps into Poland and Hungary in the 90’s he has enjoyed and been a key part of the spectacular growth in clinical services across Europe and beyond. Senior management roles as European Head and Global VP of Business Development have enabled Iain to be at the leading edge of business and corporate development within the global CRO industry.

Iain is based at EastHORN’s offices in the UK.



Carmen Masanneck, Director Regulatory Affairs, EastHORN Clinical Services

Dr Masanneck started her career in drug development in a biopharmaceutical company and since then has been involved at every stage of the development process from preclinical proof of concept through to marketing application and beyond. For the last 10 years she has concentrated on the regulatory and strategic aspects of drug development including a spell at BfArM, the German competent authority.  In her role as Senior Regulatory Director and Head of Department and having the invaluable experience of working on both sides of the regulatory fence, she has advised numerous oncology sponsors and been involved in the successful development of their products.

Carmen is based at EastHORN’s largest regional office which is in Cologne, Germany.