Dr. Malgorzata Szerszeniewska

President / Chief Executive Officer

Szerszeniewska is a co-founder of EastHORN. Previously, she was president of AbCRO, Inc., an American-owned CRO operating in Europe. Prior to that Dr. Szerszeniewska spent more than 10 years at Covance, where she held various positions including Regional Resource Manager, Project Manager, Director of Strategic Development and Clinical Operations in Europe, and was responsible for development of the company’s Clinical Development Services in the European region.

Before joining the CRO industry, she worked as an Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Specialist at Warsaw University Hospital. Dr. Szerszeniewska’s therapeutic experience includes oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, psychiatry and gastrointestinal medicine. Dr. Szerszeniewska received her Medical Diploma from the Warsaw Medical University.

After working for more than 25 years in the clinical trials industry, I still could not find a European CRO that fully utilized all the advantages that Europe offers in terms of patient enrollment and data quality. In starting EastHORN, I made it my personal mission to become more than just an average research partner, to develop into a company that is the go-to source for exceptional clinical trials in Europe. We are planning to achieve our goal through inviting exceptional people from the industry to join us and to share our values and philosophy. Advocating for a unique personal approach and devotion towards our clients’ needs, we commit ourselves to excellence in clinical trials.

Iain Gordon

Executive Chairman

Iain joined EastHORN in 2013 as Chief Business Officer to play a key role in the next stages of EastHORN’s ambitious plans for growth. He has been managing CRO business development in Europe and North America for more than 20 years. Since the first tentative steps into Poland and Hungary in the 90’s he has enjoyed and been a key part of the spectacular growth in clinical services in this region and beyond. Senior management roles as European Head and Global VP of Business Development have enabled Iain to be at the leading edge of business and corporate development within the global CRO industry.

Following the retirement of Dr Alan Wood from his position as  Executive Chairman in 2021, Iain has succeeded Dr Wood and will ensure that the growth and development of the company under Alan’s and Dr Malgosia Szerszeniewska’s  stewardship continues apace.

Iain is based in the UK and graduated in Cell Biology from the University of Glasgow.

Since joining the CRO industry in the 90’s I have been continually impressed with the quality and speed of clinical work in Europe. In an industry where timelines are absolutely key, but deadlines are often missed, I have lost count of the times that European operations and sites have saved the day. As this region matures it now offers the best of both worlds combining experience and dynamic enrolment, continually outperforming some of the more exotic and less predictable regions that have started to offer clinical services more recently.

Christine Mohlberg

Vice President Project Management

Ms Mohlberg joined EastHORN at the beginning of 2013 and established the office in Cologne, Germany to further enhance our services for Western European and German clients. She has worked in the clinical research field for over 16 years and is very aware of the important role of European countries in almost all clinical trials and the constant growth in the region

Having previously worked for both CROs and pharma companies, she is very familiar with the clinical research environment in Germany and internationally. With her understanding of the structure and needs, as well as challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, she ensures that the services delivered to our clients by our project teams are of the highest quality.

Ms Mohlberg graduated in biology from the University of Giessen, Germany

After working for almost 20 years in the clinical research industry at various companies, I still could not find a company that fully utilized the advantages that Europe offers in terms of patient recruitment and data quality, as well as the availability of talented people who always support their international colleagues. My personal mission is to run EastHORN as a company that can utilize the best features that global organizations offer, but is free from all of the drawbacks that sponsors often experience while working with larger organisations.

Dr. Tandy Amure

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Tandy Amure has over 27 years experience working as a Pharmaceutical Physician within the CRO industry. She started her career in 1994, as a Clinical Research Physician/Principal Investigator in Phase I Clinical Pharmacology Units in the UK.

Dr Amure joined a global CRO as Pharmaceutical Development Physician, where she held roles of increasing responsibilities during her 18 year tenure with the company. Dr Amure has extensive experience in medical monitoring, business development, process improvements, mentoring and client facing situations. She brings a wealth of experience in clinical development across multiple therapeutic areas and phases of clinical development.

Dr Amure is a Rheumatologist by training and obtained her medical degree from the University of Bristol, UK in 1988. She also has a BSc (Hons) in Physiology and a Masters degree in Pharmacology.

Dr Amure is based in the UK, and is GMC Registered.

When I joined the CRO Industry in 1994, it was not as global and far reaching as it is now, with less outsourcing, and fewer CRO’s vying for market share. My earlier appointments involved working within small teams and growing them in line with company expectations. There was a fluidity and flexibility which made decision making easier for the team and for our clients, which is not always found in the larger CRO’s. EastHORN’s goal is to offer this fluidity and flexibility, so as to judiciously meet all of our client’s needs, and apply Medical and Scientific rigour to all our studies, within a sound ethical framework.

Mark Anderson

Vice President, Global Business Development

Mark joined the EastHORN Business Development Team in 2015. In his role of Vice President of Global Business Development, Mark brings extensive experience to EastHORN from over 25 years in the CRO Industry.

Mark started his career in Clinical Operations in the 90s and has since lived and worked in both Europe and North America. Through close and careful collaboration with a wide range of Biotech and Pharma clients across a broad spectrum of Therapeutic Areas, Mark is fully aware of the pain points and challenges Clinical Trial Executives face when developing new therapies.

This understanding allows Mark to help our clients successfully execute and expedite their clinical trials goals.

It’s hugely satisfying and a great privilege to work in such an exciting, fast paced industry as ours. Utilising the knowledge and expertise of my talented colleagues we are able to find patients from a diverse range of indications, often in challenging timelines, from the many sites and countries we operate in. I always derive great pleasure from seeing our clients return to EastHORN again and again after another successful clinical trial delivered on time. I look forward to talking with you soon!  

Dr. Yvonne Tretter

Executive Director Clinical Operations

Dr Yvonne Tretter joined EastHORN Clinical Services in 2017 – she has more than 20 years of experienced working in the CRO industry – holding various positions including Director Project Management, Clinical Operations and Project Director.

She successfully managed many phase I, II & III, global and  international trials for top pharmaceutical and biotech companies and ensured the highest level of the deliverables.

Yvonne gained her Dr. rer. Nat. in biology (neurobiology & biochemistry).

Having worked for 20 years in the clinical research industry for a range of CROs, with EastHORN I’m happy that we have a team that is the right size and has the best people to meet our clients expectations. I’m continuously impressed by the knowledge and the dedication of our wonderful EastHORN employees and their proactive approach to the multiple challenges faced in everyday clinical trials. EastHORN has become a family I’m very proud of. 

Piotr Szadkowski

Vice President, Finance

Piotr joined the EastHORN Team in 2019. In his role of Vice President of Finance, Piotr brings extensive experience to EastHORN from over 20 years in FMCG, Chemical and Pharma Industry.

Piotr started his career in finance in the 90s and has held positions of progressive financial and business leadership at Henkel, Cognis and BASF, including in Poland, Germany, Norway and Russia.

Prior to joining EastHORN, Piotr held senior-level positions in both manufacturing and service companies including Qiagen, Frauenthal Automotive and Robinson Packaging.

Piotr holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Gdańsk.

People used to think the Finance is there to tell you there isn’t enough budget when you needed something or to simply report financial results after the fact. Today’s Finance Managers must break away from the number-cruncher stereotype and think of themselves as more of a strategic player in the company. Finance Leaders today need to be creative, understand best practices, and know how to create more value for the company.