Ukraine - A Message From Our Chairman

Ukraine – A Message From Our Chairman

Our colleagues, who have chosen to remain in Ukraine, are dealing with the reality of this desperate situation every hour of every day. We have a duty of care to all our employees and while it would be easier for us to support them if they left Ukraine, this consideration is irrelevant in the context of their determination to remain and use their medical skills and bravery to support their compatriots.

We will not be posting regularly, however today we want to respond to the concern and support of colleagues and friends. It would be wrong to say that all our staff remain safe. Anyone who is familiar with the appalling situation in the cities will know that this cannot be the case. However, we receive regular updates from our team and they remain incredibly stoic and resolute. On a daily basis we get instructions and suggestions as to how they and their fellow citizens can be supported.

With regard to support, we have been astounded by the generosity of partners, clients and friends. In due course we will acknowledge this support individually and publicly, but now is not the time.

We have resources and expertise at both ends of the aid-supply chain and, while we are conscious that major aid agencies don’t want their own supply chains clogged, we are in the privileged position to be able to respond to specific requests in Poland, Hungary and Romania using our own infrastructure, staff and networks. Aid will be supplied by us directly to the people most in need.

Through the generosity of friends, we are in the process of preparing a large lorry-load of humanitarian aid that will be taken from Scotland directly to the recipients in Poland. This is in response to specific requests from agencies in Poland – in particular for beds and bedding for displaced children and their families. We also have similar initiatives and support from our colleagues all across Europe.

We are not in a position to receive or process financial donations from individuals (there are many other options for this) but if you would like to offer your support with the specific items that have been requested, please message me on LinkedIn or email: I will be very happy to provide further details as to exactly how you can help.

Thank you again for all your support. Our Ukrainian friends remind us every day how important the support of the international community is to them and their country.