EastHORN is leading the way on the Clinical Development of Cannabis and Derived Products


How easy will it be to improve the reputation of cannabis and its users today? EastHORN specialists are bringing some light into this controversial subject.

This article provides:

  • some insight into the current science
  • pharma industry landscape involved in the development of cannabis products
  • regulatory environments for usage and clinical research
  • challenges related to clinical trials conducted with controlled substances, including cannabis

Marihuana (Marijuana) is the common name for Cannabis sativa (cannabis), a hemp plant that grows throughout temperate and tropical climates. The leaves and flowering tops of cannabis plants contain at least 489 distinct compounds distributed among 18 different chemical classes, and harbor more than 70 different phytocannabinoids(2). The principal cannabinoids are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (i.e. Δ9-THC, THC), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD)(3),(4),(5). Despite growing in popularity in the last decade, prescription of medical cannabinoids can be challenging. Doctors may be hesitant due to bias, both for and against medical cannabinoids, or because of the limited research and lack of clinical data. The therapeutic effect of cannabinoids can be lower than expected, and the approved use of marijuana is currently limited to only a handful of indications.

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