EastHORN joining the global fight against Coronavirus

At EastHORN, a European CRO, we are joining the global fight against Coronavirus and are now actively engaged in Covid-19 research.

We are currently in discussions with regulatory authorities across Europe who have set forth expedited approval pathways for clinical trials of products with the potential to treat Covid-19, from 48 hours to 40 days approval timelines.

We are conscious of our corporate social responsibilities and will be significantly reducing the costs of our services for Covid-19 related activities during the current crisis. In this way we hope to contribute towards efforts to manage and mitigate the pandemic.

As the situation is incredibly fluid and governments are modifying guidelines and systems on a daily basis, we would be happy to send you free regular updates summarizing the current state of play in Europe. Please let us know if you would like to receive this or if you would like to further discuss your strategy for Covid-19 trials with our team of experts.

Thanks for reading and most importantly stay safe and healthy.