Happy Winter Holidays!

Happy Winter Holidays!

We are so proud of our children’s work, that we just have to share it with the world! For this year’s Christmas Drawing Competition we have two winners. First, Hania Bartikova (5.5 years old) winning the 3-6 y/o category.

The winning artist got to choose the charity from her respective country, to which EastHORN is donating. For this year, our little Hania chose Hiporehabilitation center Mirakl, taking care of children with cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, neurological damage after vaccination or post-traumatic conditions (http://www.chmirakl.com/).

For those who want to join Hania in making the world a better place, please check out their website! Thank you, everyone!

EastHORN Team wishes you the best time for Christmas!