Meeting in Cyprus for EastHORN Medical/PhV, PM and CPL teams

Meeting in Cyprus for EastHORN Medical/PhV, PM and CPL teams

22 Sep 2022 Events
As part of our ongoing series of departmental and country meetings, the Medical/PhV, PM and CPL teams met in Cyprus last week. Representatives of the Business Services team also attended and interacted well with the operational teams. We are at least half way through our series of meetings and I hope that, by the end of the year, all members of staff will have had the opportunity to meet their colleagues either at a country meeting or a departmental meeting. Given the problems experienced during the pandemic these meetings have taken on extra significance and have been much appreciated by staff and management alike. They have been very productive and we will have many similar opportunities next year. 
Having said that, I am conscious that there is a group of colleagues who have not been able to meet up. Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian team who are busy with new studies while enduring the dreadful situation in their country. I hope that we are able to meet with them in person in the relatively near future. More information about our team in Ukraine and the aid efforts that they are helping to coordinate is below:
With best wishes,
Iain Gordon

Executive Chairman


Here are some of the comments received from the teams that attended last week’s meeting in Cyprus:

… invaluable to meet so many people from the Company in person.

… it is pleasure to work together and such meetings just give energy and motivation to proceed.

It was certainly a pleasure meeting you all in person and having the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with you.

I would like to thank you all for making this meeting truly special and for sure memorable. You are really wonderful people and I hope the energy of the team generated last week has been taken home.

We feel ourselves as a part of a really great, friendly and professional team.

… highly appreciate the chance to meet in person the people we are talking to in our day-to-day work.

It was a pleasure to see all of you, to discuss, to learn together and to exchange information. It was wonderful to see the motivation all of you have shown.

Thanks for all your contribution, your discussions, all the nice feedback received and all the good time we have been able to spend.