Clinical services

EastHORN Clinical Services in Europe is a CRO that can undertake virtually any Phase I-IV clinical trial in Europe. EastHORN distinguishes itself through attentive customer service and excellent follow through. Our aim to lighten your workload: We can efficiently dovetail our systems and SOPs to yours to form a smooth inter-company collaboration. Additionally we provide local, in-sourced, client-managed resources in every country in Europe.

We offer services on a stand-alone basis, or as part of a full-service development program. We have the capability to support your program from the very beginning by providing protocol design input all the way to the final statistically analyzed submission package.

EastHORN has completed and ongoing projects with a number of trusted industry partners and third-party vendors that offer state-of-the-art data capture, bio statistical, IVRS, laboratory, courier, comparator and other non-core CRO services.