Clinical Staff Provision

In response to our clients’ needs EastHORN has established a clinical staff provision division that offers solutions in terms of

  • Duration of assignment
  • FTE allocation (part- or full-time allocation to the projects)
  • Expertise required (CRA,CPA, PM)
  • Location (client office, EastHORN office, home-based if applicable)
  • Working with the sponsor’s (or other agreed) SOPs
  • Working with the sponsor’s project management

EastHORN has clinical operational staff – CRAs, Project Managers and Project Administrators – located in over 20 countries in Europe. All staff are fully-trained, and supervised by EastHORN line managers.

We have a continuous recruitment process ongoing in most of our countries and over 300 pre-screened candidates ready for immediate referral. We are able to provide clinical staff at one month’s notice.

EastHORN in-sourced staff include

  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Project Managers
  • Clinical Project Administrators
  • Regulatory Specialist / Manager
  • Site Contract Coordinators
  • Others

We have an excellent record of renewed contracts where our staff has worked as fully integrated members of the client’s team.