Strategic Feasibility Studies & Investigator Site Recruitment


EastHORN has an extensive investigator registry that contains data for most of the leading sites in Europe. Additionally, and even more importantly, every country in which we operate has locally-based staff who have personal and professional relationships with sites. It is this local, hands-on knowledge that enables us to have confidence in our feasibility reports and the resulting enrollment plans and timelines.

Before committing to a project we follow a detailed feasibility process, which includes strategic country and site selection, and that takes into account the priorities of our clients.

Country selection considerations

  • Availability of patients
  • Standards of care
  • Regulatory timelines and processes
  • Patient interest and medical benefit
  • Logistical complexity and associated cost
  • Client’s objectives with respect to timelines, budget, and marketing considerations
  • Competitive trials
  • Probability of ethics committee and competent authority approvals

Final site selection takes into consideration

  • Access to the appropriate patient population
  • Involvement in other trials and availability of site staff
  • Site contracting process
  • Availability of equipment and procedures
  • Investigator motivation
  • Prior experience