Ukraine – An Update…and a Reminder

Ukraine – An Update…and a Reminder

Ukraine – An Update…and a Reminder

Although the war in Ukraine may not be generating as many headlines as it was earlier in the year, we want to remind everyone that it has not gone away. Parts of Ukraine are suffering even more than they were a few months ago and the Ukrainian people need our practical and moral support as much as they ever did. It may well be a tough winter in Western Europe but it pales into insignificance when compared to the hardships that may be endured by our friends in Ukraine.

Our team in Kyiv continues to give us regular updates regarding the situation there and in other cities. They have been very keen to restart work and have made significant progress where and when it has been safe to do so. Early in the summer we completed the European portion of a COVID vaccine trial and samples were shipped seamlessly from Ukraine to the sponsor in S.E. Asia. In early August we enrolled the first patients into a new ulcerative colitis study for which we received regulatory approval in record time. In conjunction with our investigators, we are currently investigating the feasibility of performing research in vascular trauma. All of this is testimony to the bravery and stoicism of our team, and indeed all those working in clinical research in Ukraine.

As mentioned above, it’s as important as ever that we demonstrate solidarity with our industry colleagues and the wider population. The support efforts have continued…and will continue. However, we also want to take the time now to acknowledge the support and generosity of our friends and colleagues.

  • The beds-and-bedding initiative has been mentioned many times, but again we would like to thank all involved – in particular Clockwork Removals and Strathallan School.
  • Our first consignment of medical supplies was taken to Warsaw in March, made possible by financial support from Easter Caputh Farming Co. These supplies were very quickly in use in Rivne in the west of Ukraine.
  • We received a list of much-needed surgical equipment from a hospital in Kropyvnytskyi. These items were paid for by a biotech client in the US. The surgical team in  Kropyvnytskyi sent a video demonstrating their thanks – snapshot below. We are extremely grateful for our client’s generosity.
  • In conjunction with medical teams at hospitals in Kyiv we worked with Clinichain to source and ship a large consignment of medical equipment including defibrillators, aspirators and nebulizers. For this, we acknowledge the donation of items by Clinichain and the significant financial support of our partner, Novotech. This shipment was received at our Warsaw offices and transported to Chelm on the Ukrainian border, where our team met hospital drivers who took it on to Kyiv.
  • We intend to continue these humanitarian aid efforts and are grateful for the pledges of support that will enable us to do so. There will be another medical shipment arranged in the near future.

As ever, our Ukrainian colleagues keep reminding us how important the visible support of the international community is to them and their country.

It’s going to be a long hard winter in Ukraine. The warehouses that were full of aid items in spring now lie empty. The need is just as great as it was then and if you would like to support these continuing efforts in any way, please feel free to contact me.

Iain Gordon
Executive Chairman

EastHORN Clinical Services